The Bloc in Basel

The Bloc

By combining know-how in data-proven omnichannel communication plans and assets, we channel data-driven, neuroscience, and medical marketing expertise to uplift your communications.

Service offerings

Like a well-tuned engine, we offer communications horsepower when you need it. We don’t just offer breadth across all media channels, but also depth in neuromarketing, medico-marketing and data analytics. Effective change leaves no room for guessing.


At the intersection of medical and marketing insight, we design omnichannel strategies that fuse emotionally driven narrative with data-driven analytics.


We offer a broad and innovative technological communications palette, and utilize data for quick insight and smarter decision-making.


We always aim for the “wow” with our wild minds and our disciplined execution.

François Wernette

Chief Operating Officer


Rüchligweg 55, 4125 Riehen/BS, Basel, Switzerland